- - VeloVetta Touts the World's Fastest Cycling Shoe

VeloVetta Touts the World’s Fastest Cycling Shoe

Relying on extensive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and wind tunnel testing, VeloVetta is touting its new Monarch cycling shoe as being “the fastest and most aerodynamic shoe ever made”.

According to VeloVetta’s founder and mechanical engineer Ed O’Malley, he was inspired to develop the Monarch based on the desires of enthusiasts who were seeking to find a cycling shoe that provided similar aerodynamic gains as those found in bike frames and helmets that were both “fast and comfortable”.

As a result of testing, O’Malley decided to locate the Monarch’s retention system at the back of the shoe, creating the best aerodynamic signature while also making for a closure system that was easily to transition into. Think triathlon. 

The retention system comprises a heel lever that’s pre-tensioned by the cyclist, while the hidden cables are actuated via a single-dial set-up.

To demonstrate the Monarch’s ability to cheat the wind, VeloVetta says it pitted one of its prototypes against three other popular cycling shoes at the A2 wind tunnel, in Mooresville, North Carolina; namely, the Bontrager Ballista, Shimano TR-9 and the Specialized S-Works 7.

The testing was conducted at an airspeed of 30mph/48.28kph, from -12.5 to +12.5 degrees yaw, which showed the Monarch to be significantly more aerodynamic than the competition, yielding a savings of 32 seconds over a 40km time trial, or 4 minutes and 20 seconds over the bike leg of an Ironman triathlon. Moreover, VeloVetta claims the same overall reduction in drag can be realized at slower speeds as well.

Available in black or white, the Monarch sells for $405, which is offered in a range of sizes from EU38 to EU47.


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