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Given their aggressive geometry and positioning, the Estonia-based, Viks, isn’t perhaps the best choice for the lumbar impaired. Nevertheless, we place it high on our list of the grooviest city bikes out there.

Taking its styling cues from the cafe style motorcycles of yore, and combining them with a retro-modern design aesthetic, the Viks culminates into a bold new look, that’s both cutting-edge, that also preserves the past.

There have been a few renditions of the Viks over the years, starting with the conspicuous absence of both a seat-tube and seat-stays in exchange for a striking cantilever top-tube – arriving at the most recent design that now encompasses a hefty new rear triangle truss.

However, both designs entail Viks minimalists approach to joining tubes, wherein the main frame is joined at only one location with the one-piece head-tube and fork. 

In addition, Viks continues to use only high quality, laser cut stainless steel (and now carbon fiber) in the making of its frames. 


If you’ve got the core-strength and yoga skills to ride one, the Viks is available in an array of color choices that range from the mild to wild, which will undoubtedly register prominently in the eyes of onlookers at the local cafe or craft-beer house.  

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Viks frames are handcrafted in Estonia from start to finish using special stainless steel tubes, joints and laser cut parts. It takes about 60 separate steel pieces and two full working days to cut, bend, weld and sand one standard Viks frameset and one more day to sandblast and finish it all of with a nice and bright coat of paint.

What make the Viks frame stand out even more, is the lack of the conventional seat tube. Thanks to the “double” frame there is no constructional need for it, allowing the design to stay airy, clean and simple. Despite the unique shape of the frame, the strength is there. In fact more than plenty. Thick tubes and strong welds keep Viks feeling stiff in all circumstances.

To follow the smooth curves of the frame the fork is also anything but conventional. One-piece double crown design fits perfectly with the rest of the frame. Here some of the adjustability has been compromised for keeping the design picture-perfect, but rest assured, thanks to the turning heads and constant glazes you get while on the bike, riding Viks is anything but conventional.

Two identically shaped stainless steel tube frames run alongside the entire Viks motorcycle-like silhouette. The two sides are joined at the head tube, seat tube and bottom bracket complimenting the masculine look of the bicycle. Viks frames are 100% handcrafted in Estonia by qualified artisans in a small urban workshop.





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