- - Vittoria Launches Second Generation Graphene Tires

Vittoria Launches Second Generation Graphene Tires

Vittoria announced the launch of its second-generation Graphene tires from the company’s factory in Rayong, Thailand yesterday.

Vittoria launched its first generation tires with Graphene back in 2015, after the company first stepped into the innovative material. But, a lot has happened since then.

“Unlike the first-generation, the new 2.0 Graphene is functionalized to enhance specific tyre performances,” explains Vittoria’s founder and president Rudie Campagne. “Where the first Graphene compound generation raised the bar evenly, Graphene 2.0 pin-points each tire performance metric, and increases it disproportionally to the rest.”

According to Vittoria, they’re now able to apply Graphene in such a way that it can achieve a performance boost specifically in the areas of speed, grip in the wet, durability and puncture resistance, with particular focus on the eBike segment. 

“The e-bike is the biggest growth market in the industry and we focus on this segment as well with Graphene bringing important performance increases. Our next challenge is the urban category”, explains Campagne.

“The introduction of Graphene changed our company mission into becoming the number one in developing products with disruptive technologies and materials to provide the market with the best tires and wheels”, continues Campagne.

“Vittoria is every year applying tons of Graphene to its tires and wheels making the company the largest Graphene buyer in the world. Graphene interacts with rubber by filling the space in between the rubber molecules, which has been verified to increase all positive performance metrics.”

In addition to its eBike range of tires, Vittoria will also be applying Graphene 2.0 technology to its Corsa, Pista and Triathlon competition road tires, as well as its Rubino and Zaffiro training tires – especially the tubeless ready versions.

For mountain bike applications, Vittoria says it will include Graphene 2.0 in its range of off-road tires as well, with the caveat that with improvements in grip, rolling resistance, air retention and puncture protection comes a shorter lifespan for the tires.

However, Vittoria says it’s hoping to close the gap on this in the near future.



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