- - Vittoria Offers More Affordable Corsa N.EXT Range of Tires

Vittoria Offers More Affordable Corsa N.EXT Range of Tires

Low rolling resistance, lasting durability, maximum grip and uniform run-out are the hallmarks of any good road tire, lofty goals Vittoria is hoping to achieve with its more affordable range of Corsa N.EXT tires.

Sitting below the Speed, Corsa and Corsa Control tires, Vittoria is hoping to extol all of the virtues of the Corsa N.EXT’s more expensive siblings by utilizing a less costly nylon carcass instead of the Italian brand’s more expensive Corespun cotton, relying on highly durable compounds like silica and graphene to bolster grip, rolling performance and longevity, boasting a 9% increase in speed and rolling efficiency, 32% improvement in traction and 21% better protection when compared to a traditional compound.

“The Corsa N.EXT is the exciting new addition to the Corsa family. Designed to satisfy the requirements of enthusiast cyclists who clock up the miles on long and demanding weekly rides, Corsa N.EXT combines Vittoria’s peerless knowledge of racing performance with the durability of a long-lasting nylon casing that uses a unique Silica and Graphene compound for improved rolling efficiency, grip and longer wear-life. To increase puncture protection, the central section of the casing features 3 layers of nylon as well as an additional puncture protection belt. Corsa N.EXT is the first road racing tire to feature a QR Code – printed on the tire hot patch – for easy access to useful technical information about the tire,” says Vittoria. 

Built in accordance with ERTRO/ISO standards, the Corsa N.EXT is available in six clincher versions ranging from 24mm to 34mm that are designed to work with rims that have a 19mm internal rim width, while the tubeless ready variants are compatible with hookless rims with sizes spanning 700 x 28 to 34 and a maximum inflation pressure of 72 PSI / 5 BAR.

The clincher versions of the Corsa N.EXT sell for $74.99, while the tubeless-ready models cost $84.99.





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