- - Wahoo Announces All-New ELEMNT Roam Cycling Computer

Wahoo Announces All-New ELEMNT Roam Cycling Computer

Wahoo has announced the launch of an updated version of its ELEMNT Roam cycling computer, which features significant new modes such as dual band GPS, enhanced navigation, updated Summit Segments Climb, a higher contrast screen and upgraded memory capacity

Navigation is at the forefront of its design and development – the ELEMNT Roam makes for the most powerful and intuitive GPS bike computer to be added to the Wahoo ecosystem. As mentioned, the new device features Dual Band GPS that delivers an enhanced and more accurate navigation experience especially when riding in areas where GPS reception can be limited – such as forests or urban areas.

The updated Summit Segments Climb feature makes it even easier than ever, for cyclists to check on the progress of a climb. This already popular feature now automatically detects climbs in a preloaded route, shows any already completed climbs, and users can view more in depth information about the current or upcoming climbs in their ride.

The new unit boasts a 64 color high contrast screen, which allows users to easily navigate through their workout screens, while also experiencing more detailed mapping data and easier to read colour coded charts, graphs and data fields.

Additionally, an upgrade to the memory capacity to 32GB allows users to manage and store a greater number of regional map packs and stored routes, while a 17 hour battery life means it is easier than ever for riders to stay on course for longer

The new ELEMNT Roam also integrates seamlessly into Wahoo’s connected ecosystem of indoor and outdoor training solutions. Riders can now sync their workouts on the Roam with their Wahoo X subscription, allowing them access to outdoor structured workouts and a complete indoor and outdoor workout history in the Wahoo Systm app. The Roam also controls all Kickr Smart Trainers and the Kickr Bike and it pairs with all of Wahoo’s other connected devices.

“We’re incredibly proud to announce the latest edition in our bike computer range. The new Element Roam works to make riders’ GPS experience as seamless and accurate as possible, while also providing unsurpassed data accuracy for athletes in a simple, easy to use product,” says Mike Saturnia, CEO at Wahoo.

“Three years ago, the Roam was released with the mission of enabling cyclists to ride further and explore new boundaries. The new Roam with it’s array of new features build on this mission and positions this product as the premier bike computer for any cyclist seeking performance, ease of use and unsurpassed routing capability. The Wahoo X and Roam integrated capabilities is another step forward in building the most innovative and connected ecosystem for cyclists and endurance athletes,” he adds.

The ELEMNT Roam also adds a whole host of new features to its existing set, these now include USB-C charging capabilities, convex buttons, an ambient light sensor, perfect view zoom options, quicklook LED’s, on-device smart navigation and seamless multisport handover to name but a few. The new Roam has also integrated the Supersapiens glucose sensor system, allowing riders to consistently keep an eye on their glucose data mid ride, without the need for a phone, with just a glance.

The ELEMNT Roam sells for $399.99.




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