- - Watteam's Powerbeat G3 Brings Power Meter Capabilities to Campagnolo's Potenza Groupset

Watteam’s Powerbeat G3 Brings Power Meter Capabilities to Campagnolo’s Potenza Groupset

If you’re a Campagnolo disciple, you’ve come to accept the fact that smoke seldom billows from the stack in Vicenza as it relates to new power meter options for the vaunted Italian brand.

However, Watteam’s Powerbeat G3 brings easy and affordable power meter capabilities to Campagnolo’s Potenza groupset.

Indeed, the newest version of the California-based company’s Powerbeat G3 power meter easily attaches to the aluminum Potenza crankset courtesy of simple glue pads that are designed to withstand the elements.

The Powerbeat G3 is available directly from Watteam at $260 for left-side only, or $400 both left and right dual power measurement.  

In addition, the brand offers a two-bike set-up for $600, whereby all the rider needs to do is simply swap the Comp Unit to whichever bike is being ridden.





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