- - What Makes TIME Road Pedals Different?

What Makes TIME Road Pedals Different?

TIME road pedals have stood on the top podium in the Tour de France on multiple occasions. They have been the pedal of choice for some of the biggest names in cycling, including TDF winners Pedro Delgado, Miguel Indurain and Greg Lemond. 

But while the pros have long loved TIME pedals, they’re increasingly becoming the go-to for enthusiasts, weekend warriors and even first-time-clipless converts. Why? Because no other road pedals function like TIME and they’re quite simply the easiest pedals from which to clip in (and out).

Since the pedal is “pre-opened” you don’t need to force the spring open first – just step in and they click closed. Experts love if for fast, reliable starts and amatuers love it because they’re less likely to fall over sideways in front of everyone!

But exactly HOW are TIME road pedals different — they look like everyone else’s?

Easy Step-in

Lead by our new Xpro 15, all TIME road bike pedals feature lightweight, easy engagement with iClic®. The iClic pre-open clipless pedal system is unlike most pedal system that use a closed system. TIME’s iClic allows you to click in without having to force the clip open making stepping in fast, easy and secure. Imagine a mouse trap, it locked open and then it snaps shut when the mouse is on the trigger. This system make is really easy for young riders and new riders to get in and out without worry.


Only by respecting the natural movements of your legs and joints, with angular and lateral float, as well as precise adjustment to the sensation or “feel” of the float, and with adjustable Q-factor Adjustment, can you decrease the risk of joint trauma and optimize performance following 3 points: security, ergonomics and performance.


TIME’s large platform area up to 725mm on the X-Pro and sleek low profile design offers the best blend of stability, cornering and power transfer.


TIME offers a variety of materials, from steel to hollow titanium axles, composite to carbon bodies and carbon spring to fit your performance needs and weight needs road pedals range from 115g to a feathery 71g.

“If you haven’t had the TIME to try them let us know, and we’ll make TIME for you”, says the French brand. 

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