- - Woom Launches New E-Bike for Kids

Woom Launches New E-Bike for Kids

Woom has launched a new e-bike for kids called the UP, which features a Fazua drive system, SRAM NX drivetrain, an air suspension fork and hydraulic disc brakes that’s centered around the brand’s own aluminum frame.

According to Woom, the UP is aimed at kids who already have experience riding bikes, allowing them to ride farther and with more frequency along diverse terrain both on and off-road thanks to the 250-watt drive system that can provide pedal-assistance up to 12 mph. Moreover, the Fazua Rider app can fine-tune the power modes, monitor power output and range, as well as record all the data including distance, speed and elevation, while the compact, lightweight battery unit can be easily removed for the option to ride without pedal assist.

Additionally, like all Woom bikes, the UP is also equipped with child-friendly diameter grips, brake levers suitable for small hands, and shorter cranks than adult bikes.

“We found that kids looking to experience the benefits of pedal-assist biking were often riding small-sized adult electric mountain bikes, which are heavy and not built with kids in mind,” said Mathias Ihlenfeld, the CEO of Woom bikes USA. “Now, they have a kid-specific option that is roughly 30% lighter, providing a substantially better riding experience.”

“Kids are falling in love with bikes across the country, and now these little shredders want to ride farther and for longer periods of time on their woom,” said Ihlenfeld. “After years of design, we’ve created what we believe is absolutely the greatest kids’ e-bike in the world, further enabling the love (and thrill) of biking for fun and sport, as well as encouraging the idea of human-powered transportation at a young age.

The Woom UP is offered in two sizes, the UP 5 with 24-inch tires that’s designed to fit kids ranging from  7 to 11 years old (50” – 57″ in height) for $3,599, and the UP 6 that’s fixed with features 26-inch tires and aimed at kids approximately 10 to 14 years old (55″ – 65″ in height) for $3,749.




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