- - World Championships 2015 Junior Men's Time Trial

World Championships 2015 Junior Men’s Time Trial

photo credit @ UCI

Germany’s Leo Appelt claimed the Junior Men’s time trial at the World Championships in Richmond, Virginia today, after setting the fastest time of 37:45.01 along the 30 kilometer course. 

Meanwhile, the American duo of Adrien Costa and Brandon Mcnulty, won the silver and bronze medals, finishing just a little over 17 seconds and almost a minute behind Appelt respectively. 

“It’s bittersweet,” Costa said. “I want to go one better, but to be able to podium two years in a row, I can’t be too bummed about it.”

“I was super motivated going into it, with it being in the U.S., and the pressure of being second last year,” Costa said. “I knew I had to keep my head level in the first part, which I think I did well. I just ramped it up. My TT really started on the bridge on the first lap, that’s when I started to really suffer.”

Once again, windy conditions took its toll on the race, as they junior riders faced gusts at various points along the course. 

“I thought I kept it going pretty well, but coming back on the bridge the second time, I was doing the same power as on the first lap but I was going 3km slower,” Costa said. “But I think I left it all out there.”

The bronze medal winner said, “It feels great, amazing. It’s my first worlds,” he said after the race.

“It was 30k, so longer than atying I’ve done. I had to conserve on the first lap. On the way out of town I was spun out on the junior gears, going 60km an hour. Coming back on the first lap into the headwind I knew I had to drill it, because that’s where a lot of time could be lost. I conserved a bit though he city, then hit it pretty hard up the hill, and did the same thing a bit harder on the second lap. You had to kill it up that hill,” he said.

Today’s medals brings the total to four, for the U.S. junior delegation, as yesterday’s events saw two junior women earn gold and silver medals in the individual time trial.

“We have a bright future ahead, definitely,” McNulty said.

photo credit @ Spiegel

Top 25 Riders Name (Country) Team Result
1 Leo Appelt (Germany) 0:37:45.01
2 Adrien Costa (United States Of America) 0:00:17.22
3 Brandon Mcnulty (United States Of America) 0:00:59.74
4 Keagan Girdlestone (South Africa) 0:01:07.73
5 Gino Mader (Switzerland) 0:01:11.38
6 Jasper Philipsen (Belgium) 0:01:22.48
7 Niklas Larsen (Denmark) 0:01:34.70
8 Tobias Foss (Norway) 0:01:35.73
9 Ilya Gorbushin (Kazakhstan) 0:01:52.67
10 Alexys Brunel (France) 0:01:52.82
11 Eriks Toms Gavars (Latvia) 0:01:57.81
12 Matteo Sobrero (Italy) 0:02:01.35
13 Michael Storer (Australia) 0:02:04.62
14 Javier Montoya (Colombia) 0:02:07.57
15 Vadim Pronskiy (Kazakhstan) 0:02:15.15
16 Julian Cardona (Colombia) 0:02:16.07
17 Stan Dewulf (Belgium) 0:02:16.10
18 Pavel Sivakov (Russian Federation) 0:02:18.68
19 Szymon Wojciech Sajnok (Poland) 0:02:20.32
20 Torjus Sleen (Norway) 0:02:29.71
21 Robert Stannard (New Zealand) 0:02:30.33
22 Nikolay Ilichev (Russian Federation) 0:02:30.72
23 Pablo Alonso (Spain) 0:02:35.13
24 James Fouche (New Zealand) 0:02:38.24
25 Max Singer (Germany) 0:02:45.33

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