- - World Championships 2015 U23 Time Trial

World Championships 2015 U23 Time Trial

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Mads Wurtz Schmidt (Denmark)won the U23 time trial event at the World Championships in Richmond, Virginia today, after crossing the line 12 seconds ahead of his closest rival, Maximilian Schachmann (Germany) – to claim the rainbow jersey. 

“I was shaking for the last one and a half hours and still am. I just can’t believe what I achieved,” said Schmidt. “I went hard on the first part, and then I took it a bit easy on the way out the first time, then I went full gas on the headwind on the way back. I won, so there’s nothing to say.”

Race Highlights

Today’s race was marshaled via a series of four waves containing 11 riders each – followed by a final wave of eight.

Canada’s Sean MacKinnon set the best time of the first wave with a mark of 38:47.08, but his lead didn’t last long, as Gregory Daniel (USA), who was the first rider from the second wave – upset MacKinnon’s time.

However, Wurtz Schmidt would then go on to trounce Daniel’s time, by more than a minute. 

The winds began to pick up toward the end of the day, costing many riders valuable time, with only Leonard Kamna (Germany) able to ride his way into the final podium position – earning the bronze medal.

Top 25 Riders 
1 Mads Wurtz Schmidt (Denmark) 0:37:10
2 Maximilian Schachmann (Germany) 0:00:13
3 Lennard Kamna (Germany) 0:00:21
4 Truls Engen Korsaeth (Norway) 0:00:37
5 Owain Doull (Great Britain)
6 James Oram (New Zealand) 0:00:38
7 Miles Scotson (Australia) 0:00:41
8 Thery Schir (Switzerland) 0:00:42
9 Marlen Zmorka (Ukraine) 0:00:43
10 Daniel Eaton (United States of America) 0:00:44
11 Ryan Mullen (Ireland) 0:00:50
12 Davide Martinelli (Italy) 0:00:58
13 Filippo Ganna (Italy) 0:01:00
14 Steven Lammertink (Netherlands) 0:01:04
15 Jan Marcus Karlsson (Sweden) 0:01:12
16 Soren Kragh Ansersen (Denmark) 0:01:19
17 Nathan Van Hooydonck (Belgium) 0:01:27
18 Jose Luis Rodriguez (Chile) 0:01:28
19 Gregory Daniel (United States of America) 0:01:31
20 Sean MacKinnon (Canada) 0:01:37
21 Merhawi Kudus Ghbremedhin (Eritrea) 0:01:43
22 Stepan Astafyev (Kazakhstan) 0:01:46
23 Marc Fournier (France)
24 Krists Neilands (Latvia) 0:01:47
25 Josef Cerny (Czech Republic) 0:01:48

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