- - "Yorkshire Grit": Cycling the Hills and Dales of Yorkshire

“Yorkshire Grit”: Cycling the Hills and Dales of Yorkshire

“Leave the City. Seize the hills. Find the road. Ride the gravel. Pedal with friends. Ride too fast. Not too slow. Embrace the wrong way. Question the right way. Leave the hills. Return.”

brilliant new video by Sam Needham.

Edited with not much more than the crackling sounds of gravel and the songs of nature, Sam Needham’s latest film, Yorkshire Grit offers a fun look at a gravel bikepacking outing amongst three riding companions, Tom Hill, Alex Moloney, and Beth Hodge.

As Sam puts it, “Yorkshire Grit is a celebration of the backyard and what’s right there on the doorstep. We wanted to make a film that showcased not having to go far to see new things and have an experience that would be as rememberable as any other bikepacking trip. So, with that in mind we left the city of Leeds in our rear view and set sail for the mighty hillocks and rounded peaks of the Yorkshire Dales.”

If you aren’t familiar with Sam Needham’s work, make sure to check him out on Instagram and Vimeo.

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