- - The ZEPPELIN Hybrid Electric Bike by The Future People

The ZEPPELIN Hybrid Electric Bike by The Future People


While some bicycles rely purely upon human-power alone, and others use carbon-free forms of power assistance, one thing is clear, the urban bicycle designer has one goal in mind – to create the most efficient and environmentally conscious form of transportation for the city-dweller.

One of the more creative examples of this, is electric hybrid bike by The Future People – aptly called the ZEPPELIN

The ZEPPELIN is powered by two riders in combination with a 750w electric rear motor, which can achieve a cruising speed of up to 25 mph on flat terrain, and travel as far as 20 miles on a single charge.



According to The Future People, the ZEPPELIN accomplishes its aerodynamic design and light weight (only 270 pounds) through the use of aluminum and polycarbonate materials throughout its exterior and interior features. 


The Future People say, the ZEPPELIN meets the legal definition of a bicycle at the federal level and in many states as well, making it street legal with no additional license, registration, or insurance required.

Let’s hope the ZEPPELIN one day makes it past the prototype phase and into full production.



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