- - Zipp Debuts VukaShift AXS 90 Wireless Integrated Aerobar Shifting

Zipp Debuts VukaShift AXS 90 Wireless Integrated Aerobar Shifting

Zipp has debuted its latest wireless, integrated aerobar shifting called VukaShift AXS 90.

According to Zipp, they were able to house of “brains” of SRAM’s eTap AXS wireless shifting system directly within the confines of their aerobar extensions, eliminating the need for the centralized Blip Box control unit that was previously required on triathlon and time-trial bar set ups.

“A modern triathlon or time-trial bike’s cockpit can be complicated. You must simplify and integrate to get the most out of modern cycling tech and to optimize your aero efficiency. The Vuka Shift AXS 90 cleanly houses your aerobar extensions, shift-control, and head unit in one neat and clean package. This approach solves an emerging problem of the age of electronic shifting. The time for system integration is now with this seamless solution,” says Zipp.

In the end, Zipp says the VukaShift AXS 90 carbon extensions weigh in at an impressive 390grams, while simultaneously retaining their sleek aerodynamic signature that made the Vuka Evo so popular.

The VukaShift AXS 90 extensions come standard at 410mm in length, but they can be cut as much as 10mm at the front and up to 90mm at the rear in order to optimize fit.

Additionally, the VukaShift AXS 90 keeps the same round 22.2mm diameter rear section, making them compatible with more than 90% of the integrated aerobar systems currently on the market. Moreover, there’s also provisions for direct mounting a cycling computer head unit such as a Garmin or Wahoo.

VukaShift AXS 90 aerobar extensions sell for $850, which can be paired with Zipp’s top of the line carbon Vuka Aero base bar for a substantial up-charge.  


  • Weight: 390g
  • Length: 410mm
  • Trimmable: 10mm off front, 90mm off rear
  • Evo extension shape w/ 90mm rise
  • Eliminates need for BlipBox
  • Integrated rubber grips
  • Price: $850  
  • Ships: April 2020




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