- - Zipp Unveils Revamped 808 Firecrest and 858 NSW Wheelsets

Zipp Unveils Revamped 808 Firecrest and 858 NSW Wheelsets

Zipp has unveiled revamped versions of its 808 Firecrest and 858 NSW wheelsets, touting reduced weight, improved aerodynamics and less rolling resistance at a more affordable price.

According to Zipp, the updated hoops now tip the scales at 10 to 15% less weight, while the hookless rim design features a 21% wider internal width, allowing for the use of 28mm tubeless tires.

Also, in addition to going full disc brake, the new wheelsets get Zipp’s proprietary Total System Efficiency technology (TSE), which still allows for the use of tubes, but only when used with tubeless tires in order to ensure safe retention on the hookless bead.

In the case of the 808 Firecrest, keen observers will note that the rim deep has been slightly decreased for 82mm to 80mm, resulting in a claimed 280 gram reduction in weight, while Zipp’s complex ABLC dimpling technology has said to improve the wheels aerodynamic signature, mirroring the anti-turbulence sawtooth shape of the more expensive 858 NSW.

Key Features

  • Aerodynamically equal to its predecessor, plus 5W rolling resistance reduction
  • TSE design with 23mm internal width and hookless tubeless-only rim profile ideal for wider tires at lower tire pressure
  • Minimum 25mm tire, optimized for a 28mm tire
  • Upgraded ABLC dimple design to manage airflow around the rim
  • ZR1 DB hub with upgraded sealing for improved durability, built with Sapim CX-Sprint J-bend spokes
  • SRAM XDR or Shimano HG freehub options, Campagnolo N3W freehub available separately
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Price: $2300 pair, $1125 (front), $1175 (rear)

The revamped 858 NSW feature Zipp’s unmistakable sawtooth rim design, albeit with a slightly shallower rim profile, once again reducing weight by some 15%, while the wheels spin on the brand’s Cognition V2 Hubset engineered with the 54 POE Axial Clutch V2 mechanism, resulting in quicker engagement, lower friction and improved durability.

Like the 808 Firecrest, the 858 NSW is also disc brake only and optimized for use with 28mm tubeless tires.

Key Features 

  • Rim Depth: 82mm
  • Rim Inside Width: 23mm
  • Weight: claimed 1530g (719g front/811g rear)  
  • Rim Construction: Full Carbon Hookless
  • Tire Compatibility: Tubeless tires only
  • More than 243 grams lighter than the previous model
  • Optimized tire bed for easy tire installation
  • Sawtooth rim and HexFin ABLC dimple pattern for top aero/crosswind-stability performance
  • Cognition V2 hubset with SRAM XDR or Shimano HG freehub options, Campagnolo N3W freehub available separately
  • Minimum 25mm tire width
  • 28mm tire is the optimum width for all rider
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Price: $4400 pair; $2000 (front), $2400 (rear)

The new Zipp 808 Firecrest and 858 NSW wheels are available directly from Zipp, or through authorized dealers, which can be purchased as a set, individually, or mixed and matched.  






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