- - Zipp Updates 808 & 404 Firecrest Wheels for Track

Zipp Updates 808 & 404 Firecrest Wheels for Track

Considering the close margins of victory associated with track racing, Zipp has employed all of their know-how to its 808 and 404 Firecrest wheelsets to ready them for the “boards”.

Track racing calls for some super stiff, responsive, aero wheels that accelerate quickly and maintain velocity. At just 1,805g, the 808 Track wheelset is tuned for speed, with Zipp’s dimpled 82mm Firecrest rim shape for superior aerodynamics, stiffness and stability.

If you’re looking for something a bit lighter, at 1655g, the 404’s strike an ideal balance between rapid acceleration and aero efficiency to excel in any track event. 

Additionally, at the heart of both wheelsets, is Zipp’s 333 track hubset.



Designed from the ground up for the rigors of track racing, this impressively light weight hubset combines Sapim CX-Ray spokes (20/24 for the 808 and 28/28 for the 404) ), Sapim secure-lock nipples, and the Firecrest rim technology, to deliver unparalleled stiffness to satisfy even the most powerful track racers.

Furthermore, oversized hub bearings and axles work together to produce a wheelset, that has superior load carrying capacity and bombproof reliability. The 333 hubshell also incorporates industry leading aerodynamics and asymmetrical hub flanges on the rear hub for balanced spoke tension, immediate acceleration and flawless tracking through turns.

Both wheelsets are available with distinctive Classic White decals, black hubs and spokes.

808 MSRP:
Front wheel $1,100/ €1,150/ £880
Rear: $1,300/ €1,350/ £1,040

404 MSRP:
Front: $950/ €1,000/ £760
Rear: $1,150/ €1,200/ £920

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