- - Cult Energy's Ridley Bikes Stolen

Cult Energy’s Ridley Bikes Stolen

The Danish team, Cult Energy, had 36 of its Ridley Bikes stolen at this year’s Tour du Haut Var in France – over the weekend.

According to a statement on the team’s website, the bikes were stolen from their team truck in Draguignan sometime during late Saturday night into Sunday morning.

Cult Energy’s Fabian Wegmann said:

“It’s just devastating. We had a car parked in front of the back of the truck, so the thieves somehow must have moved the car and then broke the lock to the truck.

“They stole everything. Bikes, wheels and all our equipment. Now, we’re waiting for the police to show up and start their investigation. We won’t be racing today and I reckon it’s doubtful that we will be ready for next week’s Het Nieuwsblad. I’m hoping for a miracle.”

Ridley posted on their Facebook site:

“We will do everything we can to provide them with new Ridley frames and 4ZA components.”

Ridley is urging people to be on the lookout for the following bikes, that might be offered up for sale on the “black market’.

Size XS: 501796, 506502, 527724, 506666, 527731, 506709
Size S: 527784, 509442, 527757, 502808, 528108, 506661, 527728, 508996, 527912, 528010, 506549, 506665, 527828, 527973
Size M: 528071, 527936, 513800, 513568, 509012, 528103, 528066, 509624, 527981, 528035, 501788
Size L: 439224, 440297, 438963, 528061, 509533


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