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Factory Five “Lattice” Chainrings




















Maybe you’re feeling like “Bruce” today?

Or, perhaps you’ll feel more like being Caitlyn tomorrow?

Or, it may be that you’ve simply got some kind of a Giro d’Italia thing going on?

Whatever the case may be, these lattice work chainrings from Factory Five are glorious. 

From Factory Five

The Lattice Chainring is one of our proudest moments in F5 history. We went back to the drawing board with this one and came up with something technically innovative and intrinsically beautiful.

In other words, it’s freaking light and euphemistically gorgeous. Precision CNC milled from a single piece of 7075 aluminium, the dual-plane cutouts maintain strength whilst reducing the chainring’s weight to a mere 78g. We had it tested at two facilities and it passed with flying colors, which is why we’re giving a lifetime warranty.

We’ve radially brushed the ring and it is deep anodized in a range of colors to give the industrial feel we strive for at F5…

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