- - 1988 Wilier Gioiello Ramato Gets a Makeover

1988 Wilier Gioiello Ramato Gets a Makeover

Wilier’s Cromovelato paint scheme is so revered, enthusiasts both old and new continue to regal its beauty. In fact, the finish is so beloved, it even prompted the iconic Italian brand to adorn its 110th anniversary road bike in the same inimitable orange and chrome color.

Perhaps even more desirous however, would be to come across an original period bike that was painted in all manner of Cromovelato.

That’s precisely the case with Leonardo Ragusa de Vargas Macciucca, who came across this exquisite 1988 specimen, complete with a Campagnolo C-Record groupset, Delta brakes and 3T cockpit bits and pieces.

Macciucca has vast experience with restoring vintage bikes, and spared no time or money bringing this left for dead relic back to original condition – right down to the smallest of details. 

You can read about the full restoration process here. 


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