- - 2-Spoke M5 Wing-Shaped Carbon Wheelset

2-Spoke M5 Wing-Shaped Carbon Wheelset


Touting such claims as being “the lowest air resistance of all existing wheels compared to 12 or 16 steel bladed spokes or 3, 4, 5, or 6 carbon bladed wheels and even disc wheels”, the 2-Spoke carbon wheels are about as far-flung as any wheelset we’ve come across. 

Built in very limited quantities by Dutch engineer, Bram Moens, who’s renown for his development of visionary lightweight specialty bikes and parts, the 2-Spoke wheelset was designed primarily to help top track riders and time trialists “cheat the wind” in “races against the clock”, which resulted in 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze medal at last year’s Olympic Games in Rio. 

Curiously however, above and beyond their aerodynamic efficiency, despite their bold wing shape, independent testing of the 2-Spoke wheelset yielded results that suggest the wheels are equally impressive at handling crosswinds. 

According to Moens, “thanks to the wing shape of the two aerofoil spokes… the 2-SPOKE wheel was in the tests also the only wheel which generates speed during crosswinds.”

He goes on to explain, that the phenomenon is dependent upon the angle at which the crosswinds hit the wheels, that must be between 10 and 170 degrees.


The 2-Spoke wheels are available in either clincher or tubular, for both road and track use. In addition, the clincher wheelset is also available with a disc-brake compatible hub.

The wheels are available directly from 2-Spoke at €1,177.69 (Front) and €1,260.33 (Rear) in either style.

To learn more about the technology behind 2-Spoke’s wheels, you can visit the company’s website here.



  • The M5 Two Spoke wheels are manufactured with the well known and leading TORAY 800 and 1000 unidirectional pre-peg carbon fibers. These have a magnificent yield tensile strength of 5.88 Mpa.
  • Why not fancy looking 3K? Well, we choose for UD fibers with a defined fiber direction since this gives by far the best weight/strength ratio!
  • Around the hub and inside the wing and rims are sophisticated reinforcement systems and areas which take care of the loads which occur especially during cornering.
  • All fibers are pressed with 12 bar during the one hour curing.
  • Our own production light weight aluminium hubs with Japanese industrial ball bearings.
  • Long lasting basalt braking surface for most effective braking capacity.
  • Available in tubular and clincher in ETRTO 622 (700 C)
  • Suitable for cassettes with 9, 10 or 11 speed (Shimano/SRAM fitting), Campagnolo rotor on request
  • All wheels are standard made with carbon rims (track- and discbrake version) or carbon with a basalt brake.
  • Carbon rims also imply: lowest weight at the right place (outer wheel diameter).
  • Hidden valve nipple for best aerodynamics.
  • Hidden magnet speed sensor for best aerodynamics.
  • All wheels come with a matte UD finish.
  • Height tolerance less then 0.15 mm.
  • Side tolerance less then 0.5 mm.
  • Clincher type rim inflatable up to 9 bar ( 125 psi).
  • Tubular type rim inflatable up to 12 bar ( 165 psi)
  • Maximum load 100kg ( 220 lbs.)
  • Weight front wheel ranges from 920 gram (clincher/tubular) to 990 gram for a disc brake version
  • Weight rear wheel (with 9/10/11 speed rotor) ranges from 1020 gram (clincher/tubular road) to 1120 gram (clincher disc brake)
  • Weight mono-hub wheel tubular 820 gram

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