- - 2013 International Bicycle Design Competition Part 5

2013 International Bicycle Design Competition Part 5

We have combined two of the most important products which are a burden and inconvenient but essential when riding a bicycle. From the water tube that represents safety in the swimming pool, we grafted the design and the motive to the taillight which is a necessity when riding a bicycle. By combining the taillight and the lock, we aimed for the rider’s convenience. People find it difficult when they can’t see the numbers on the lock in the dark. So we installed a light source (LED) in the combinations of the lock.

ALIGHT is a retractable lighting device that attaches to the rear seat of a bicycle. It utilizes technology from stretchable electronics and a retractor mechanism, which allows it to be coiled up or extended out. By extending the light to the rear wheel axle, it creates more surface area and a larger visual impact. ALIGHT emits a bright green light, which will turn red when braking and flash yellow when turning left or right. The curve in the extended position allows it to be seen from all angles. Using features from taillights, it assists the bicyclist in traffic. All this means ALIGHT breaks the communication gap, improving safety.

In urban areas a strong conversion to alternative mobility concepts is required. The key pillar is the necessity of greater use of e-bikes. A system is required that offers a structured service network for sharing energy in a reliable and safe way. Enosa is a distributed system designed to obtain and share green electricity. It covers the need for user-friendly interfaces where the users of the new urban space can share their energy, while having their e-bikes safely guarded. The station, placed in urban areas, is the interface between user and network; the hub of the bicycle permits the energy transfer and a transponder identifies the user.

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