- - 2014 Gateway Cross Cup Day 1

2014 Gateway Cross Cup Day 1

Warm weather and sunny conditions blanketed the opening day at this year’s Gateway Cross Cup series. 

Yesterday saw Jamey Driscoll (Raleigh-Clement) and Erica Zaveta (Amy D Racing) win the men’s and women’s races, along the inaugural course in St. Louis. 

photo @ Raleigh Bike

The Men’s Race

A group of 15 riders containing the likes of Cody Kaiser (LangeTwins-Specialized), Troy Wells (Team Clif Bar), Zach McDonald (KCCX) and the Raleigh-Clement duo of Driscoll and Ben Berden, succeeded in riding clear early on in yesterday’s race. 

Wells made his way to the front with a powerful surge – ultimately reducing the lead group to just 5 riders – with only McDonald, Driscoll, Berden and Brian Matter (Team Wisconsin-Clif Bar) remaining. However, a couple of laps later, Driscoll and Berden rode clear – with the race shaping up as a one-two finish for Raleigh-Clement.

However,  Berden ultimately fell off the pace, with Driscoll built up commanding lead. From there, Matter caught Berden, but the Raleigh rider held on for second with a late surge, while Matter took third.

photo @ Manual for Speed

Women’s Race

Courtenay McFadden (GE Capital-American Classic) and Nicole Duke (Marin-Spy) set the pace early on in the race – to split the field. 

From there, a lead group containing last year’s winner, Amanda Miller (Boulder Cycle Sport), Duke, McFadden, Zaveta and Samantha Schneider (ISCorp), came to the fore.

Meanwhile, back in the chase, Caroline Mani (Raleigh-Clement) tried to keep the leaders in sight, while Sunny Gilbert (Michelob Ultra-Big Shark) tried in earnest to stay in contact as well. 

The two chasers ultimately made contact with the front group, with Gilbert taking over the lead for half a lap, before Zaveta overtook her – subsequently taking a solo victory. In the meantime, Gilbert held on firmly to claim second place, with Mani taking third.

The Gateway Cross Cup continues today with round two at Queeny Park in St. Louis.

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