- - Hope Unveils New Carbon Fiber Seatpost

Hope Unveils New Carbon Fiber Seatpost


With a lot of bike brands doing away with the integrated seatmast, and returning to the simplicity and convenience of a traditional seatpost (not to mention weight savings), this has once again opened up a host of opportunities for small artisan component companies to craft some beautiful products. And, the British brand, Hope, doesn’t disappoint with its new, sculpted carbon seatpost.

With each seatpost employing no fewer than 24 individual lay-ups of pre-impregnated carbon fiber, the new Hope seatpost is as sturdy, as it is to behold. 

According to Hope, they use mainly unidirectional T700 fiber, which is considered to be the highest strength standard modulus carbon available, in the making of their seatpost, along with strategically placed lay-up of 3K twill woven fabric to add hoop strength to resist clamping forces and mitigate failure in the event of serious crash. Moreover, a 1K 2×2 twill weave fabric outer ply, further contributes to the seatpost’s strength, while also providing a visually pleasing aesthetic.

Additionally, if you’re a bike-fit expert, given the seatpost’s minimal set-back, it may very well prove to be the optimal choice for nailing the perfect pedal axis position. 

But, perhaps the best news is, us yanks can get our hands on one, as Hope has an office here in the USA. Dig!


Key Features

  • 100% designed, tested and manufactured in Barnoldswick, England
  • High strength carbon fibre construction with aircraft grade aluminium seat rail clamps
  • Smooth internal surface finish removes any unnecessary resin rich areas to minimise weight
  • Varying wall sections to optimise weight and areas of high stress concentrations
  • Same ultra-fine seat rail adjustment as tried and proven on our previous ‘Eternity Seatpost’
  • Available in Ø27.2mm x 350mm, Ø30.9mm x 400mm and Ø31.6mm x 400mm
  • Weights from 195 grams (Ø27.2mm version)
  • Available late March



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