- - "Body Mapped" Base Layers

"Body Mapped" Base Layers

With the throes of winter right around the corner, die-hard cyclists are beginning their quest for the right apparel, that will afford them the utmost in warmth and dryness. 

With that in mind, the rudiments to creating the ideal cold weather ensemble, often starts with the base-layer(s). After all, that’s what ultimately wicks perspiration away, and keeps the body warm and dry. 

Showers Pass is a new brand to us, but it looks like they’re doing something clever in the way of base layers – with a technology they call – "Body Mapped". 

According to Showers Pass, their Body-Mapped technology incorporates  a blend of material, that includes Modal, Spandex, Nylon, and Merino wool, in the form of an open weave. This in turn, allows their base layers to breathe in key areas across the body. In addition, their form fitting shape, allows them to "hug" the body, while also being able to wick away moisture – and thus retain heat. Furthermore, with the exception of the sleeves, all of their base layers are seamless, so cyclists can forget about chaffing. Oh, and thumb loops are included too.   

The base layers are available for both men and women – in two sizes (S/M, and L/XL), and they retail for $69 each.

Here’s Showers Pass’ ditty: 

“Baselayers are a natural extension of our product line, but it’s a new category for us.  So we wanted to make sure we got it right before bringing it to market.” notes Kyle Ranson, president, Showers Pass. “We surpassed all of our design goals, and are excited to round out our line and offer our customers another well-conceived high performance garment.”

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