- - "One Day in April": Little 500 Documentary

"One Day in April": Little 500 Documentary

If you’re a fan of the movie Breaking Away, then you’ll be excited to know about a new documentary that’s in works, called One Day in April, which highlights the time-honored cycling event that’s been held annually on the campus of the University of Indiana since 1951.

Director Thomas Miller describes his new documentary as "a bit like Friday Night Lights on bikes."

"It’s a doc, but it’s kinetic, light on the interviews, and very character-focused," Miller says. "I think a lot of cyclists will relate to what happens in the film even if they’re unfamiliar with the race.

"One Day in April" will chronicle four teams of cyclists as they train for and ride in the 2013 Mens and Womens Little 500 races at Indiana University. The film will tell the story behind the race – how the riders spend months and sometimes years preparing themselves mentally and physically for one race and one shot at glory.

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