- - "The Drinking Jacket": Ultimate Cyclocross Accessory

"The Drinking Jacket": Ultimate Cyclocross Accessory

The Drinking Jacket with bottle opener zipper, neoprene koozie pocket, drinking gloves, hidden flask pocket, and sunglass holder – the ultimate cyclocross jacket ! 

The Drinking Jacket is a feature-packed hoodie and the ultimate accessory for anyone who consumes liquids! This high-quality hoodie will help you open, transport and consume the beverage of your choice. All backer levels include free shipping inside the US!

The Drinking Jacket is so cozy and comfortable, it’s destined to be your favorite hoodie. But, besides keeping you warm, it will also keep your drinks cold! It has a built-in bottle openerneoprene koozie pockethidden flask pocketdrinking mittssunglass holderand many other features to make this the best drinking jacket ever!


BOTTLE OPENER ZIPPER – the front zipper is a durable bottle-opener in a gun-metal finish. Get back all of that time you’d spend looking for a bottle opener, because you’ll always have one within reach!

BEER KOOZIE POCKET – a neoprene-lined breast pocket to hold your beer can or bottle. Instead of searching for a place to set your beer down, keep it close in the koozie pocket. It can also hold your phone quite nicely – just not at the same time as your beer!

SUNGLASS HOLDER – don’t lose your sunglasses again when day-drinking turns into night-drinking! Or outdoor-drinking turns into indoor-drinking! The loop will keep your sunglasses secure, while the fleece strap keeps them from flopping around.

DRINKING MITTS – slip resistant drinking mitts are built into the sleeves. Keep your hands warm whether you’re drinking or not. Don’t need the gloves? Fold the cuff over and they’re gone!

HIDDEN FLASK POCKET – an inside pocket to hide things… like your passport, iPod, wallet, or our optional metal-detector-proof flask.

SNAPPABLE I.D. AND MONEY POCKET – keep your ID, credit cards, bartender tips, or cab fare close at hand in the arm pocket.

DEEP POCKETS – Use the deep pockets to keep things in. May we suggest a few more beers?!

REFLECTIVE LOGO – The stylish logo lets people know you’re ready to drink – and it’s reflective to help passing cars see you! 

ZIPPER COVER – The zipper cover will keep the bottle opener zipper from hitting you in the face. And, it looks stylish!

OWNERSHIP LABEL – Write your email address on the inside label, so it can be returned to you should you, um, have too much fun and leave your amazing hoodie somewhere.

HIGH-QUALITY FABRICS – The hoodie is made from 80/20 cotton/polyester 260gsm fabric for maximum comfortdurabilitywarmth, and movement. The hoodie and zipper flap are lined with a Pleepleus® pattern fabric.

Give the Drinking Jacket as a Gift this Holiday Season!

Since the Drinking Jacket won’t go into production until after this Kickstarter campaign is funded, it will not be ready in time for the holidays. So, we’ve made some emailable and printable cards that you can give your friends and family to let them know that you bought them the Drinking Jacket for the holidays.

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