- - The 3D Printed "3BEE" Concept Bike

The 3D Printed “3BEE” Concept Bike


The 3D-printed 3BEE concept bike by Hungarian designer, Tamás Túri, recently won a prestigious A’ International Design Award in the category of Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design.

After competing with thousands of other entries, Túri’s 3BEE project was chosen as a winner for its truly remarkable design.  

The 3BEE takes full advantage of 3D printing by being completely customizable. The whole frame can be adjusted to meet the rider’s needs, from the design concept itself to subtle production changes.

“The 3D printing technique enables everyone to implement the personalized, perfect, dream-bicycle. With this technique it is possible to easily and precisely harmonize the size of the frame with the other parts of the bike. The esthetic appearance of the bicycle can be tailored to the taste of its user by various colors and patterns,” says Túri. “The frame can be extended at three different points and can be tilted at one point. It is fully adjustable to the rider without distorting the main shape.”

3D printing has lots significant advantages when it comes the bicycle design, Túri believes. Frames can easily be made hollow and extremely lightweight, which is a huge advantage for the urban cycling segment that focuses on portability. “This way the bicycle is lightweight and durable at the same time,” he says.

Túri also believes, 3D printing can streamline production as well, “another advantage of the simultaneously designed and 3D printed frame against the traditional ones is that it does not need any assembly, tuning and follow-up adjustment after [production], since it perfectly adjusts to the user,” he argues. “Even the integrated seat can be altered and 3D printed to suit the user’s preferences.

As the designer says, “everything is possible, regardless of the age, gender or physical abilities of the cyclist.”





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