- - 3T Strada Due Offers 2X Drivetrain Compatibility

3T Strada Due Offers 2X Drivetrain Compatibility

While the road plus category has proselytized many a roadie to leave the tarmac and set-out in search of the terrain less traveled, the 1X drivetrain that has come to define this segment of the market, hasn’t proven to be everyone’s schtick.

At last, traditionalists can finally rejoice now that 3T has added a second chainring option to its popular Strada road plus model, giving them the sense of gearing that their accustom to, and aptly calling it the Strada Due.

According to 3T, the Strada Due features the same aerodynamic properties and features as the Strada such as the company’s Fundi fork, Sqaero shaped tubing, 12mm thru-axles, flat-mount hydraulic disc brakes and tire clearance up to 30mm, but with the option of 2X drivetrain compatibility.  

Additionally, in order to accommodate a front derailleur, 3T says it had to make slight changes to the Strada Due’s carbon lay-up, which resulted in a minimal gain of just 35g, bringing the overall weight up to 1005g in a size medium.

There’s one caveat however, since the Strada Due only has provisions for internal electronic routing, groupset choices are limited to Shimano Di2, Campagnolo EPS or SRAM eTap.

3T says the Strada Due will be available starting at the end of July, and it will be sold as a frameset only for €3800. 

You can learn more about the new Strada Due by visiting 3T’s website here

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The Strada was our answer to “What will a road bike look like in 5 years?” Why did we say 5 years and not today? Because we know that some technologies and people need a bit of time. So 1x already works great for some people and some groupsets (mostly SRAM and some Shimano), but in other situations 2x is still preferred (especially with electronic groupsets with Di2, eTap or EPS).

Enter the Strada Due, with the same aero and comfort benefits as the original Strada, but designed for electronic 2x drivetrains. Now you can enjoy that unique mix of a very stiff, aero frame coupled with the plush ride of up to 30mm tires in combination with the 2x drivetrain you’re used to.



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