- - Wahoo Introduces New Kickr Direct Connect Accessory

Wahoo Introduces New Kickr Direct Connect Accessory

Wahoo has introduced its latest KICKR trainer accessory that’s designed to prevent signal loss during virtual training rides.  

Aptly called the Direct Connect, the new device allows users to create a wired connection between their Kickr trainer and home network that’s compatible with RGT Cycling, TrainerRoad, SUF Training System and FullGaz.

Conspicuously missing from the list however, is the popular Zwift training platform. But, Wahoo says “other platforms are expected to become compatible in the coming months, including Zwift”.

The Direct Connect works by simply plugging it into the latest generation Kickr trainer, along with an ethernet cable to either the user’s computer or internet router.

“While a wireless connection works very well for most riders, those who have connectivity challenges, or those who simply cannot risk a dropout during an important race or workout will be able to ride with increased confidence and reliability by using Kickr Direct Connect,” says Wahoo’s Tyler Harris

The Direct Connect sells for $100, which can be purchased directly from Wahoo here

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