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BH Quartz Road Bike

The coveted Spanish brand, BH, keeps up with current trends by launching it’s first "endurance" bike for 2014 – called the Quartz.  

The geometry of the new frame incorporates a taller head tube and slightly shorter top tube – as to put the rider in a more comfortable, upright position. The chainstays are also much longer than their standard "race" geometry for more docile and predictable handling. The carbon layup is geared around creating a more compliant, "plusher" ride characteristic. This is complemented by the use of a 27.2 seatpost. 

Frame weight for a size Medium is around a 1,000g. BH claims that the weight can decrease between 20-40g depending on the size of the frame. 

Three models will be offered in both men’s and women’s specific geometry in the following build kits: SRAM Force 22 ($3,999), Shimano Ultegra ($2,999) and Shimano 105 ($2,399).


Quartz     More efficient performance with every turn of the pedals

BH offers its new Quartz frame, inspired by the successful and revolutionary Ultralight and G6 frames. The BH engineering team has developed the Quartz with a new aerodynamic frame that satisfies the needs of a wide range of cyclists, from professional to the most demanding cyclo-tourists. The aerodynamic lines, technical specifications and semi-sloping geometry of the Quartz frame are based on the G6 and Ultralight models. These three models form a family that offers all of BH’s R&D&I values. The heart of the Quartz frame is the geometry of the BH Road Endurance models. Its slightly raised headset improves the overall positioning of the cyclist on the machine. In addition, the combination of a slightly aerodynamic tube design, together with the BB386EVO bottom bracket results in a frame that is efficient with every turn of the pedals. The Quartz frame, with its efficient and balanced design is specifically designed for the Road Endurance category.


1. 100% carbon. Lighter and more rigid

With the design and build of the Quartz line, BH has created a more responsive, lightweight and top-performing frame without renouncing stability and safe performance. The Quartz is a monocoque frame made of 100% carbon fibre using core removal technology, as in the G6 and Ultralight models. This innovative technology allows for control and optimization of the ideal thicknesses for the various frame parts, selecting the most appropriate carbon fibres and keeping their superimposition to a minimum. This results in a spectacular aerodynamic design, extreme rigidity and lightness and optimal vertical absorption performance. The result is a model that offers excellent handling and performance through efficient pedalling, turning all of your effort into power, thanks to its lateral stiffness. Weighing in at only 950 grams in the M-size, the Quartz frame is one of the lightest and most efficient in its category.


2.The most aerodynamic fork

The Quartz fork, like that of the G6, is manufactured in one carbon piece and fits the headset like a glove, resulting in a smooth transition between these two elements.

3. Asymmetrical rear chainstays

The rear chainstay design is asymmetrical, as in the other BH top of the line frames, in order to increase the lateral stiffness of the frame and to allow installation of larger wheels, as well as to improve the wheel’s rotation.

4. Integrated 1.5” carbon headset Increased torsional stiffness

The conical carbon 1.5” headset, inspired by the G 6 line, is fully integrated within the frame. This allows for exceptional torsion stiffness and handling ratios, prioritising stiffness at this point. The diagonal section of the headset has been reduced by over 11% for increased efficiency, lower air resistance and improved aerodynamics.

5. 27.2 mm seat post Added comfort while riding

The Quartz frame’s seat post is only 27.2 mm in diameter, as in the Ultralight model. Its design offers lightness to the frame as well as added comfort while riding.

6. BB386 EVO Bottom bracket system. Increased lateral and vertical stiffness

The BB386 EVO bottom bracket, an innovation developed by BH in collaboration with FSA, allows for an oversizing of the external width of the bottom bracket up to 86.5 mm. at the base and thus, an increase in surface area, stiffness and resistance. Through this system, BH has managed to increase the lower tube diagonal up to 80% in diameter, decreasing wall thickness and increasing the torsion stiffness in the crankset and rear frame area.

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