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CYKELN Magazine #09

For all of you "urbanati – fixierati" cyclists, the #09 issue of CYKELN Magazine is now available. Dig ! 

by Claude CYKELN on apr 16, 2014 

Writing an editorial is the time I prefer, because it gives voice to thoughts that have remained silent for a long time, and develops ideas which have grown thanks to the multiple inputs received from the work done with this magazine!

It also gives me the opportunity to thank the many people who are close to us and believe in us, becoming an integral part of our extended family!

For example, someone like Daniele Boccaccini, who is starting an important section on this issue, related to locals! To those crews, both large and small, which have come together to create a real community! This time we feature our friends from “Scatto Fritto” (Fixed fried) from Versilia, which Daniele founded as well; he’s going to tell us how the project started, with a name that is a guarantee of madness. I want to take this opportunity to thank Andrea Ciattoni, another crazy man who works with passion in the family, bombing everyone with news on the social net part and with the new website… Here’s the first news! We’ll soon have a new website, with many more possibilities! First of all, sharing articles online, which are not part of an issue but that we’ll be able to now share with everyone! In addition, since this activity is becoming quite demanding and rather expensive for our pockets, we thought we’d ask a small contribution, introducing a download fee! Nothing unaffordable to deal with, actually a contribution to enable us to move forward but most of all to improve what you are going to read in the upcoming issues. The maximum cost will be 0.70 euros, and it will be possible to pay via PayPal! All infos soon. Meanwhile, as some of you already know, we have a new Racing Team. In fact, I don’t think it escaped to many that the majority of those who ran for Cykeln Racing Team, now run for Cinelli/Chrome… Unfortunately, the story was very long and unclear, except for the result, which is that at the beginning of the season we had to create a new racing team to race criteriums. Anyway, the matter is closed for us now, and we are very proud of the new group. A more United Group and better equipped one indeed. We are still poor, and like many other teams we make do with our means, but we are lucky to have some big brands of Italian cycling following us. That’s why we want thank Pelizzoli, Pissei, Ambrosio, Velodust, M2, Biciclista, and Southfresh for believing in us, and we promise we’ll do our best to win.

Now all that’s left to say is: enjoy your read!

See you next time

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