- - CYKELN Magazine Issue 10

CYKELN Magazine Issue 10

With this issue, we’re introducing a new season for Cyklen, a we’re doing so with a new lymph and a new spirit! Everything around this project, born 2 years ago, is constantly changing, and even if we are still the same, with the same passion and enthusiasm, we are forced to make some choices. This is also due (luckily) to the great amount of requests we receive from all over the world, and which push us to do more and better. Our family has grown and we have established important friendships, which was impossible not to involve in this project.

Therefore, turning into reality what was in our hearts, we decided to improve our website, which is an extremely important goal for us. In fact, you downloaded this issue from our new platform, which will be our home for a long time! I call it home, because that’s where you’ll find our on line magazine, but also a daily blog with many news, interviews and articles which you will be able to read and share during the two months in between two Cykeln issues. We are only asking for 0.70€, less than a coffee, and we are only asking you to support us; like we have been saying from the very beginning, all the money we collect gets reinvested to have a better product and more and more important articles.

All dynamics related to this project also brought us to establish some rules in order to make things work better, and we took some important decisions also regarding advertising and sponsorships. From this issue on, we are only going to provide visibility to those who are willing to invest in this project and seriously believe in it, like we did. All those who think this magazine – and the work behind it – are not enough for their products or services, shouldn’t even contact us if they are not willing to invest with us!

We especially want to thank all those who have been supporting us from the very first issue, and also those who have just started believing in it. We thank everyone we interviewed and who appeared on our pages, but also those who will do so in the future, showing we’re not a media bubble, yet a real and consistent project. Like always, we hope we did a good job and that you will like what you’re going to read!

Greeting from all the editorial staff!

Never Give Up




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