- - Campagnolo Unveils New Bora Clincher Wheelsets

Campagnolo Unveils New Bora Clincher Wheelsets

Last year, Campagnolo launched a couple of new versions of their popular Bora wheels, which featured revised carbon composition, a wider rim profile, improved braking surface and an all new 35mm model.  However, said improvements were limited to just Campy’s tubular models. 

Well, as of this week, enthusiasts who extol the connivence and practicality of clincher wheels, will rejoice in the fact that the iconic Italian brand has unveiled both 50mm and 35mm clincher versions of the Bora for 2015 as well. 

Indeed, the new clincher Bora’s feature the same 24mm wide rim, updated carbon orientation and the improved 3Diamant brake surface treatment as their tubular siblings.

“The 3Diamant braking surface puts the surefooted braking performance of an aluminium wheel in a top-end high performance carbon wheel,” claims Campagnolo.

In addition, Campagnolo says, “While most will recognize the tubular wheels as the go-to choice for top professional riders, the fact remains that tubular tires are less practical than clinchers for those of us not fortunate enough to have a support car with spare wheels following behind,” says Campagnolo.

Both the 35 and 50mm wheelsets will be available with Bora Ultra and Bora One versions, which use the same hubs, albeit ceramic bearings in the Ultra.


Bora Ultra 50: 1435 g
Bora Ultra 35: 1360 g
Bora One 50:  1485 g
Bora One 35: 1406 g

Just for comparison, the Bora Ultra 50 tubular version weighs in at a claimed 1,267g, so that’s the difference of 168g for the clincher version.

Campagnolo has yet to announce pricing and availability here in the USA, but it’s reasonable to say that the new Bora (s) should arrive on scene sometime this fall. 

Campagnolo® has employed its engineering resources to further improve the already impressive braking performance of its full carbon wheel systems.

Having already researched, designed and produced internally high-performance brake pads specifically made for Campagnolo® carbon wheels, the Campy Tech Lab™ set its sights on perfecting the braking surface.

To ensure optimum performance in all conditions as a complete braking system, the brake pads would function even better with an improved braking surface.

The outcome of this research produced the new 3Diamant™ surface treatment which, using advanced machinery and state of the art diamond tipped precision tools, eliminates imperfections caused by non-homogenous resin deposits and allows the brake pad to work directly atop specially woven carbon fibers.

This new process eliminates the "breaking-in" period, improves braking performance under both wet and dry conditions and creates a more linear and smooth overall braking performance.

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