- - Cipollini Unveils Nuke Time Trial Bike

Cipollini Unveils Nuke Time Trial Bike

The NUKE is the newest Cipollini family member. Spartan, minimalist, yet combined with the industry’s most advanced technologies, the NUKE is Cipollini’s super sleek and undeniably aerodynamic machine.

The NUKE, available in time trial and track bike versions, is a result of extensive studies, research, and exhaustive tests resulting in the ultimate design expression with the performance goal to compete in events where milliseconds can make the difference between victory and defeat.

The frame, built with Cipollini patented Atomlink™ system, features the revolutionary connection between the rear triangle and the tubes designed for maximum power transfer. The fork is a full monocoque and integrated, designed to deliver a wind cheating performance with a minimal frontal area.

An aggressive design, spartan, minimalist combined with all the most advanced technology, to achieve one goal: the maximum speed with every pedal stroke. It is the ultimate expression available in the market with regard to the instruments to compete for Time Trial and Track. The fork is monocoque and integrated. The frame is made using the patented Atomlink™ system, with the revolutionary connection between the rear triangle and tubes. In version TT brakes are integrated. The integrated stem allows the passage of the internal cables and adjustment of 12mm in height.

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