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In an industry overwrought with branding and advancements in technology for the sake of creating new products – for want of more sales, nothing gives us greater pleasure than that of spotlighting the traditional, artisan frame builder. 

There are no exceptions or substitutes when it comes to making art. Nor are there any when it comes to building bespoke, custom frames. And, while some modern-day bikes may be able to camouflage their shortcomings and lack of attention to detail with flashy paint, extreme designs and hi-tech accouterments, the artisan frame must possess a level of precision and beauty -down to it’s core.

One such frame builder that we recently came across who work extols these virtues, is Jan Kole and his Colossi brand. Here’s a glimpse into his work.

About Us 

After high school, Jan became a goal keeper in the soccer club in his home city, Not long after that he started bicycle racing and became a professional road cyclist and competed in many races.

After Jan stopped racing as a pro road racer, he started his customized frame making and distribution company in Holland, customized frames were made for many bike shops in Holland, Belgium, UK and Denmark, at that time, only lugs were used to make the frames. He used the same principles in frame building as in cycling.

“When you do it, do it good” – Jan Kole

Based on a long experience in making frame sets, Jan Kole started his work shop in 2005, in China, not to make big quantity or cheap frame sets, but to make frame sets together with his team, which suits the rider’s choice. Riders can choose the geometry, the tubing, whether it’s lugged, fillet brazed or TIG welded. Using these variables we are able to make the perfect machine for any type of rider.

Very Detailed CAD/CAM drawings are used to communicate with the customer to check if all is according their wishes.

Our  Work Shop

At Colossi we have two departments, a customized handmade department and a handmade department:

In the customized handmade department, the tubing is filed by hand, to have the correct fitting, every little part is polished by hand. We use only silver brazing material when we braze. Every frame has the individual approach. One by one, no shortcuts.

In the handmade department, we mill the tubing instead of filing the tubing by hand, but everything is also based on the individual approach. In the handmade we can make a little more quantity but after the milling, the principle of working is the same as in the customized handmade department. For this department we also use the top grade silver brazing material. The frames are made in the same “old fashioned” way, without compromise, with a lot of hand work.

Painting is done with Dupont paint, and can be done to your specification using the pantone color codes.

People do not come to our work shop to buy cheap, because we can’t work cheap, we don’t have a big output of frames, we can’t beat the factories,  who use all the new technologies to make frame sets.

The passion for cycling and craftsmanship, thinking in bicycle and having fun in cycling is the basic principle at Colossi. Despite of all the problems we meet every day, this is our drive.

Colossi makes Cr-Mo and aluminum frames and Cr-Mo front forks from the finest raw materials. Using materials such as: Columbus, Kaisei, Reynolds, True Temper, KVA, 4130 butted seamless tubing and Easton. We would love to have the pleasure of making your custom frame, as well as for dealers and OEM companies, with questions you can contact us at any time.


Colossi Cycling can make any types of bicycle; Road, MTB, Cyclocross, 29er, Track, City/Urban, Granny, Mixte, BMX, etc.

Additionally we provide numerous options to customer due to our dedicated workshop that include; material warehouse, drawing/design department, brain storming department, customized hand-made department, hand-made department, painting department, assembling and packing department. Unlike other frame manufacturer we can do everything in house form manufacturing to packaging with our dedicated well trained staff.

Tubing Choices

Columbus Zona
Columbus Life
Columbus SL 2009
Columbus Spirit
Columbus Spirit Keirin
Columbus Max
Columbus MiniMax
Columbus XCR
Columbus Zonal
Columbus Airplane
Columbus Starship
Columbus XLR8R

Reynolds 853
Reynolds 853 Pro Team

Kaisei 8630R
KVA Stainless Steel
Colossi Triple Butted
Colossi Carambola Triple Butted
Colossi Carambola 6161 Aluminum Double Butted

Colossi 6061 Aluminum Double Butted

True Temper Supertherm

True Temper OX platinum 4130

Custom 6061 Aluminum

Custom 6069 Aluminum

Custom 7005 Aluminum

Easton Aluminum

Construction Methods

  • Steel frame options:
  • Lug / Fillet Brazed / TIG Weld
  • Aluminum frame options:
  • TIG Weld / Smooth Weld

Paint And Design 

Colossi only use the highest quality paint available in the market, we understand the colors and design is very subjective therefore we offer any colors from the Pantone in order to satisfy every customers taste bug. Once in a while our designer will come up with some new paint design; you can also visit our flickr page for further concept and idea. Everything is possible, if you interested in an option you don’t see please inform us and we could discuss further.

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