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Connor Wood Bicycles

These are just the sort of qualities bicyclists look for in their rides. Chris Connor has created a series of “scorchers” or hotrod cruisers which have clean lines with natural flowing curves and a beautiful grain that is unmistakably wood. The bikes are minimalist in appearance, typically having a simple leather saddle and grips, a single speed or two speed internal gear hub, coaster brakes, and 29er wheels. There are no shifter cables or other add-ons to distract from the simplicity of the bikes’ design. They are protected with marine spar varnish – the same material used to seal wooden boats – so their beauty will endure for years to come. Chris also reinforces the handlebars and the frame’s rear triangle with aircraft epoxy and Kevlar to ensure unparalleled strength. The bikes’ greatness however comes from the wood and the rider’s experience. Like the Ash tools and bats, the bike dampens the bumps and vibrations of the road and offers a truly unique ride. As Chris creates them, they have just enough give to make for a delightfully fun and supple ride that almost feels like floating down the road.

These bikes are beautiful, fun and strong! Come see the newest creation from Connor Wood Bicycles at NAHBS. The design on display adds disc brakes and a Gates Carbon Belt Drive to Chris’s scorcher design.

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