- - Cyclist Awarded $2.4 Million After Being Doored and Run Over

Cyclist Awarded $2.4 Million After Being Doored and Run Over

A Pennsylvania court has awarded Ashley McKean a substantial judgement  stemming from a case involving a serious  bike accident with a motorist in the streets of Philadelphia back in 2011.  

McKean, a Temple Yniversity student, was riding her bicycle when she was "doored" by a motorist and then struck from behind – and  run over by another vehicle.  According to a lawsuit she filed, she suffered multiple hip, pelvis and leg fractures, some of which caused permanent damage.

A jury recently rendered a verdict, which  awarded McKean a $2.4 million dollar judgement against those involved in the accident. A jury found Marci Shepard (the driver whose door hit McKean), Robert Crawford (the driver of the van) and MCT Transportation (the van’s owner) at fault for the accident. It ruled Shepard 43 percent at fault, Crawford and MCT 36 percent at fault and McKean herself 21 percent at fault.

According to court documents, Crawford testified that McKean should have been riding on the sidewalk which is against the law. McKean received $880,000 for future medical expenses, $1.334 million for pain and suffering and $200,000 for disfigurement.

The trial lasted six days. 

Read a copy of the original complaint and jury decision.

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