- - Dash Cycles Carbon Fiber Seatpost

Dash Cycles Carbon Fiber Seatpost

Known for their posh and super lightweight bike components and accouterments, Dash Cycles offers what is perhaps the most svelte carbon seatpost available. Indeed, with a weight of sub 100g, I can’t image that there’s anything lighter.  A Wasa cracker maybe ? 

At $600 it isn’t cheap. But, think of all the bad things you could spend your money on ! 


The seatpost features a simple single bolt design that uses a combination of carbon rails and clamps to set the "rise" and "fore and aft" position. The post is available in two sizes, 27.2 and 31.6, along with varying carbon "layups" to accommodate the weight of different riders.


Full carbon setback seatpost
Post Features
.: Sizes: 27.2, 31.6
.: Length: 250mm (99g*), 300mm (110g*), 350mm (125g*)
.: Rail Size Compatibility: 7mm round or 7x9mm
.: Setback: 15mm 
.: Available in Road: Under 75kg and 75-100kg (+20g)
.: Available in MTB: Under 75kg (+20g) and 75-100kg (+35g)

*Weights are for 31.6mm posts. Subtract 10g for 27.2mm versions
** Current lead times are 2 weeks.


Dash Cycles was started with a single goal in mind: to push the boundaries of cycling performance. This is why each component Dash makes is developed and produced from start to finish at the Dash facilities located in Boulder, Colorado. By creating everything in-house, Dash’s teams of designers and engineers are able to oversee the entire development and production processes and ensure the utmost in quality and innovation. By using the latest in materials and manufacturing processes – many of which Dash has developed specially for its components – Dash can extract every bit of performance from its products to give you, The Rider, that extra edge.

Dash is continually working towards furthering the capabilities of the bicycle and the rider. The creative team is constantly pouring new ideas to be developed into what will become the next generation in performance cycling components.

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