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Fabric ALM Saddle

One of the most stylish, not to mention technologically innovative, saddles that we’ve come across in quite some time, surfaced again at this week’s Bike Place show in the UK. 

Designed in collaboration with Airbus, both the base and the rails of the ALM saddle are constructed from seamless carbon-fiber, which Fabric says offers the same level of comfort that traditional saddles do. 

The ALM’s seamless construction and minimal padding also allows Fabric to keep weight to a minimum. Which after all, is important, since most "roadies" are constantly in pursuit of the lightest bike, right ? 

The ALM is available in two models, ALM Ultimate and the ALM LTD, which come with  an ultra-light PU foam pad and a laser etched buffalo leather cover respectively.

For more specs on the ALM, check out Fabric’s website.

Right from the outset, we wanted to push the boundaries of saddle design to deliver a beautiful cutting-edge product that performs at the highest level. Working closely with engineers from Airbus Group Innovation and utilising Additive Layer Manufacturing technology enabled us to create a saddle design previously considered unachievable using carbon material. The result is an ultra-lightweight saddle with a distinctly unique, organic form.


By moving the rear mounting points of the rails to the edge of the base we opened up the centre part of the saddle creating more flexibility. In normal circumstances this would make the outside of the saddle even more stiff and uncomfortable, but the way that the rails are designed allows them to act like a leaf spring that dampens vibration and allows optimum flex across the whole of the ALM saddle.

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