- - Festka #MADE4CHAMPS Program

Festka #MADE4CHAMPS Program

2015 is the year the Festka fully enters the world of competitive cycling. Because we believe that champions are only born in teams, we have decided to support the concept of team spirit with our special offer for discounted frames and bicycles with a campaign #MADE4CHAMPS targeted at teams of four or more cyclists.

“We have prepared a special deal for existing teams as well as for those yet to be established. For a limited time we are offering a considerable discount when purchasing Festka frames, laced Rocket Wheels or fully set up bicycles featuring select, top-quality components. The teams can be professional cyclists or even training groups without racing ambitions; groups that simply ride for pleasure and fun,” says Festka co-owner, Michael Moureček.

The team offer is valid on conditions of unified design and an order of at least four Festka frame sets or four pairs of laced wheels. The material for each frame, as well as component selection, is a matter of individual preference. This allows for various combinations based on personal riding style and personal finances. Each bicycle will be finalized according to the needs of each cyclist. Orders will be accepted via email and phone.

We are making history…
“Two years ago we successfully completed an independent crowd funding campaign called Project 200. It couldn’t have happened without the people who supported us and believed in our effort. Thanks to their faith in us, we are now in a position where we can pay them back by offering them our support through the #MADE4CHAMPS campaign and share our passion for cycling,” adds Michael Moureček.

#MADE4CHAMPS kicks off on 26 January 2015 and ends on 10 March 2015, the International Day of Awesomeness. We’d like to celebrate the day with this awesome offer.

The first teams have been born


The very first Festka team was established in Australia at the end of 2014. Others from all over the world are following in its footsteps. Groups of cycling fans, as well as professional teams, are calling us with their orders. Festka is now preparing frames for teams in Portugal, Japan, Singapore, USA and last but not least in the Czech Republic, in our hometown of Prague.

Team Australia was officially the first team to join the Festka family with its order of 8 frame sets completed with Rocket Wheels and other components. The order includes all possible combinations of frames made of carbon, titanium and steel; this means that each rider for Team Australia made a personal choice.

Festka Bicycle Models



The ONE model was designed based on our racing past. It is an extremely stiff frame providing extraordinary stability at high speeds. It reacts promptly to changes in direction and is prone to mechanical damage (because pros fall too). Last but not least, it is in fact a fully customizable ma-chine that allows for any adjustment to satisfy the cyclist’s needs. ONE was nominated for the Czech Grand Design 2014 Awards. Germany’s Tour magazine has given it a 1.6 rating, which is the second best in its category, and they recommended this model for its price/efficiency ratio.

ZERO 2.0


The successor to the ZERO model. Compared to its predecessor, this frame is constructed using tube-to-tube technology and finished with lamination that resembles lugs. The “lug-style” frame stands out in the pool of variously-shaped tube frames. The ZERO upgrade features all the gimmicks and mirrors from our experience with constructing the ONE model. The frame is comfortable and durable. Exceptional riding stability is a benefit, not only, for tall and heavy riders. The frame was nominated for the Czech Grand Design 2014 Awards and it was awarded the Product of the Year 2014 distinction by Dolce Vita magazine.



The most luxurious material used in the cycling industry is titanium. Only a few builders can work with it, and a well-made frame speaks for the builder’s craftsmanship and maturity and the cus-tomer’s distinguished style. Titanium bicycles are light and comfortable. The material is highly damage-resistant, which means it will almost last forever. The frame will always look brand new and will keep its characteristic features. Titanium can be polished, sanded and varnished. When bare, without varnish, the true colors and quality of the welds show. It is a pleasure to touch the bare frame. Titanium frames are appreciated by rookies as well as those who race for a living.



Stainless steel is a fascinating material that we used to make frames reminiscent of press jewels. Festka XCr Modern is our answer to the question whether it is possible to build a modern looking bike frame out of steel. Forget the discomfort of factory-made, carbon frames and treat yourself to a bicycle that is beautiful, comfortable and efficient.



This traditional looking frame will never go out of style. It will never grow old and will always have many fans. We had lovers of tradition in mind when constructing the Festka XCr Classic. It features the refinement and efficiency of stainless steel dressed in the classic look of steel frames. This model is exceptionally comfortable and is suitable for gravel roads and very long rides.

About Festka


Festka was founded in 2010 with the aim of producing top-quality, custom-made bicycles. We work with carbon, titanium and steel. Our number one priority from the very beginning has been bike development itself. When it comes to titanium, we have based our production on knowledge, tradition and experience. The head of our titanium development and construction division is former head engineer at Morati: a Czech brand, whose bicycles have won many international races including the World Cycling Championship. Our carbon production operations focus on direct collaboration with CompoTech, a company located in South Bohemia and one of world’s top producers of carbon components. Their experience and achievements can be found in Formula 1 cars, super yachts and Tesla automobiles. The collaborative merging of our development teams and the sharing of patents allows Festka to provide personalized services, when it comes to individual frames. Festka is able to assist with and satisfy the most specific demands: not only as concerns building a custom frame that fits an individual‘s physique, but also as regards shaping and adjusting the frame’s stiffness, comfort and resistance.  Festka frames‘riding features were recently tested by the strict standards of the German Tour magazine, which confirmed the bike frames’ high level of stiffness and riding stability.

All Festka production is local with the exception of carbon fiber that the company imports from Japan.  Rocket Wheels, a Festka subsidiary, was established in 2013 and focuses on carbon wheel lacing.

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