- - Giro’s New Aspect Helmet

Giro’s New Aspect Helmet

Few helmets seem to be able to strike a balance between "urban aesthetic" and "performance-oriented functionalism". However, Giro seems to satisfy this quandary with it’s new Aspect Helmet. 

Indeed, up until now, cyclist who were seeking something aesthetically clean and simple, yet still functional, have been largely out of luck. Since most “commuter” or “urban” helmets fall far short of this expectation, especially in the category of performance, many riders have been relegated to wearing a helmet that’s either too "race inspired", or worse looks like something more akin to what a skateboarder would wear. "Heavy, hot and ugly with a cheap retention system", is the description most individuals choose to describe them with.  

However, at $175, the question arises, is the average urban/commuter cyclist willing to pay such a premium ? Yes, if the rider is looking for a helmet that has some resemblance of performance, lighter weight and comfort, but doesn’t have the appearance of a modern race helmet. 

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