- - Hutchinson Adds New 25mm Fusion3 Tubeless Tire

Hutchinson Adds New 25mm Fusion3 Tubeless Tire

I’ve found that cyclists are either onboard with "tubeless" tire technology, or they’re not. If by chance you’re someone who is, Hutchinson has just added a new 25mm tubeless road tire to it’s Fusion3 range.   

Similar to the 23mm version, the new Fusion3 features a 127 tpi casing combined with dual compound rubber. According to Hutchinson, this equates into a more supple and grippy tire, while also creating better rolling resistance.

The success of the new 25mm Fusion3 versus it’s 23mm counterpart is demonstrated by Hutchinson’s rolling resistance test, wherein each tire is inflated to a fixed psi, and then attached weighted down to a rolling drum. After the tire has been accelerated to 30 mph, the motor is stopped and the tire is left to coast to a stop. A counter then measures the distance traveled. 

In the case of the 25mm Fusion3, it rolled an additional 110 meters further than it’s 23mm sibling. Impressive ! 

Hutchinson says the new tire weighs in at just under 300g, and it’s  available for purchase now for $105.



The Fusion Road Tubeless is Hutchinson’s first generation versitile Road Tubeless tire. Weighing 295 grams, it features two compounds for all weather performance, 127 TPI casing, bead to bead puncture resistant breaker and carbon beads. Harder center tread rolling compound rolls efficiently and softer side compound grips in the corners. When used with a compatible Road Tubeless rim, the beads stay locked on the rim if there’s a puncture, increasing rider safety.


Hutchinson launched Road Tubeless technology in 2006 after five years of development and testing. Tubeless technology affords a more supple, safer and efficient ride when using a Hutchinson Road Tubeless tire matched with a compatible Hutchinson approved wheel and Protect’Air Max latex tire sealant. True Road Tubeless tires can be used with or without sealant. Tubeless Ready tires require sealant to make the casing airtight.

An excellent Road Tubeless tire for longevity, weight, and performance wet or dry conditions.


This is an all-weather dual compound Road Tubeless racing tire. It’s recommended to use it in combination with Protect’Air Max anti-puncture protective liquid.

Hutchinson Road Tubeless compatable wheelsets
• Campagnolo Eurus 2Way Fit
• Campagnolo Zonda 2Way Fit
• Corima Aero + Carbon
• Corima Aero + Winium
• DT Swiss RR 1450
• DT Swiss R 1700
• Easton EA90 RT
• Easton EA90 SL
• Easton EA90 SLX
• Easton EC90 Aero 55
• Easton EA90 XD
• Fulcrum Racing 0 2Way Fit
• Fulcrum Racing 1 2Way Fit
• Fulcrum Racing 2 2Way Fit
• Hutchinson RT1 Carbon
• Shimano DuraAce WH- 7850SL
• Shimano DuraAce WH-7900-C24-TL
• Shimano Ultegra WH-6700


• High-quality ride and performance
• Ride Lock beads for safety
• Dual compound tread performs well in all weather conditions
• 127 TPI supple yet resiliant casing
• Puncture breaker under the tread helps prevent punctures without affecting performance
• Pinch flats eliminated
• Lower pressures for comfortable ride
• Self-repairing with Protect’Air Max Sealant
• Patchable with a Hutchinson Rep’Air Patch Kit
• Quality Made in France

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