- - Junior World Champion Hit By Car

Junior World Champion Hit By Car

Junior world time trial champion, Macey Stewart, is recovering from a crash after being a victim of a hit-and-run accident  in Tasmania yesterday. 

“I took the car’s mirror off and I was lying on the road,” the 18-year-old told the Australian newspaper – The Advocate.

“I looked up and I had a fairly large truck coming for me head on, so I had to scramble off the road as fast as I could. The driver of the vehicle who hit me stopped and got out of his car, picked up the mirror, and then drove away. It’s pretty shocking to think that someone can do that.”

Medical personnel took Stewart to a local hospital, where X-rays revealed no broken bones. 

“It (the hit) was pretty hard,” she added. “He would have been going around 60 km/h and I was going around 25-30 km/h.”

Police have since found the vehicle, but the driver still remains unknown.  Investigators are searching for a male suspect , as well as another driver who had to swerve in order to avoid hitting Stewart.

Stewart won the Worlds time trial in Ponferrada in September ahead of Denmark’s Pernille Mathiesen and fellow Australian, Anna-Leeza Hull. At the 2014 Track Worlds in South Korea, she also won the Omnium and was part of the gold medal pursuit team.

“I’m not deterred from riding,” said Stewart, “I love it too much and have big goals to achieve.”

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