- - Leather Bicycle Beer & Wine Caddy

Leather Bicycle Beer & Wine Caddy

Just when I thought the bicycle hipster faction couldn’t feign being any more hip, or the urban "cycle-scenti" couldn’t become any more pretentious, I came across these bicycle dedicated beer and wine caddies. In fact, there’s even one to accommodate a growler.

Despite the concerns from M.A.D.C. (Mother’s Against Drunk Cyclists), I guess there’s always the need for cyclists have a little of the "brown devil" onboard. It would be wise however, not to ride past any sizable groups of "stew bums" to-and-fro.   


What happens in the case of a crash ? Wino’s perambulating the streets that night drink for free ? 

What, no handcrafted hugger-mugger Obama-brew ? Blasphemy !  

I think my grandfather may have had a truss that looked something like this ?  

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