- - Look Cycles Warns Against Counterfeits

Look Cycles Warns Against Counterfeits

The iconic French brand, Look, issued a press release on their website this week, warning customers of "copies" of its 695 frameset – emanating from China.

​Counterfeit frames, or knock-offs, are nothing new to the cycling industry. Over the years, numerous prestigious European brands have fallen victim to such schemes. 

​Last year, Pinarello successfully removed 16,000 counterfeit products from online auctions.  

Press Release

We have found out that copies of LOOK 695* frames are being offered for sale in Asia and very recently in Europe.

These Chinese origin copies only have a visual resemblance. They have no relation to LOOK whose originals are not made in Asia. These counterfeit products are illegal and potentially dangerous. They do not have the performance qualities of our bicycles.

We recommend that you should only buy your LOOK products from distributors and retailers approved by LOOK.

The LOOK after sales service will not be able to cover defects, quality problems, and even accidents that could occur with a product not manufactured in our own factories.

In case of doubt over the authenticity of a frame you can send a request to:

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