- - Lose Weight by Only Eating During the Day

Lose Weight by Only Eating During the Day

A recent study published by the Salk Institute, suggests that cyclists who limit their eating to the first twelve hours of the day, and curbed their late-night eating urges, are more likely to lose weight. 

During the study, researchers took 400 mice, ranging from lean to obese, and fed them the same amount of food. However, some of the mice were only allowed to eat during a restricted time window (9 to 12 hours), while the others could eat at random.   

The results showed, that despite both groups of mice consuming the same amount of food, the mice that had their food intake confined to a 12-hour window, turned out to be healthier and leaner, while those that were allowed to eat at will, became considerably fatter.

In addition, when the groups were reserved, the mice that were initially allowed to have unlimited access to eating, began to lose weight, while the other group proceeded to gain weight in the absence of a eating curfew. 

Even when extending the window to 15 hours, the mice with controlled eating, still remained leaner and healthier, albeit to a lesser degree.


From there, researchers altered their control, and allowed the restricted mice to have unlimited access to food two days a week. The result, yielded mice that did not show any significant increase in weight. 

So, how does this correlate into human beings’ dietary habits ? It’s entirely possible, that what’s good for the mice, is good for the man (and women).  

Here’s a link to the study:

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