- - Orbea Avant M10D Disc Brake Carbon Road Bike

Orbea Avant M10D Disc Brake Carbon Road Bike

Last Fall we reported on the new Orbea Avant M10 road bike as seen at the 2013 InterBike Show. Jumping forward a few months, the highly coveted Spanish brand has readied it’s popular model for 2014, to include a disc brake version called – the M10D. 



With Shimano Ultegra 11-speed Di2 and hydraulic disc brakes, we ask the question: what more is there to want? The Avant M10D is that bicycle that is so laced with features that it becomes a must-have item. There is good reason to lust – at the end of the day, the Avant M10D is an endurance rider’s dream road bike. With a higher/closer stack and reach profile than our Orca, the Avant lets you sit on the bike with a more relaxed position. The carbon fiber frameset is built to complement this bike’s intended purpose of long rides on any road you might choose to follow


    Electronic or mechanical shifting? Our system ensures that you can be the one to decide.

    With the introduction of electronic systems, shifting your bike is as effortless as a mouse click, and the performance borders on surgical precision. That said, mechanical systems are better than ever before and can offer similar world-class performance. The Orbea EC/DC or Electronic Circuit/Direct Cable system allows either, and the choice is yours to make. EC/DC relies on built-in pathways that allow the installation of traditional mechanical cables or electronic wires for the connections between your shifters and derailleurs. Either way the goal is streamlined design and supreme shifting performance.


Press Fit offers simple installation, low maintenance, and minimizes potential for creaky bottom brackets.

We use Press Fit bottom brackets for a variety of reasons. Installation is simplified, as the BB unit is pressed directly into the frame until the shoulders of the cups rest against the outer edge of the shell. The nylon sleeves reduce the need for extremely tight machine tolerances, and they reduce the potential for creaking should the bottom bracket area become contaminated with mud and grit. The wider shell is also beneficial because we can increase the diameter or width of the intersecting tubes to increase torsional stiffness at the bottom bracket area.


  • The Tapered Head Tube is the foundation that provides stiffness and stability for precise handling in all conditions.
  • The forces acting on a head tube can be extreme, especially at high speeds or over rough surfaces. Our Tapered Head Tube provides improved rigidity and steering precision. All of our bikes that use the tapered system get a 1-1/8 to 1-1/2” bearing system. We’ve found that this dimension offers the best balance of weight, function, and durability. The Tapered Head Tube is also a principle element of our frame designs, whether in carbon or hydroformed aluminum, that provides greater stiffness and stability by allowing larger tube junctures at the front of the bike where stresses are high.



  • The Avant is unique in that it is fully compatible with traditional rim brakes as well as disc brakes. The advantage for the user is the choice. Products will be offered with both options, and the ability to make a swap from one brake style to the other is easy and simple. The frame is designed so that mounting hardware for the disc brakes is removable, leaving nothing but discreet, threaded bosses, with nothing to detract from the visual aesthetic of the bike.



    With disc brakes in mind, we’ve designed the Avant to be compatible with 135mm and 130mm hub widths. The reason for this is simple – as the road disc standard develops, we wanted the bike to be compatible with any wheelset you might choose. The conversion is a simple affair and consists of removable dropout chips to effect the change in width.

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