- - Polar Launches M400 GPS Watch With Activity Tracker

Polar Launches M400 GPS Watch With Activity Tracker

Just when you thought you knew where you were going, and how fast you were getting there, Polar launches its new M400 GPS watch, that will not only tell you the aforementioned, but will keep track of it as well. 

The new M400 combines the features of a GPS watch, along with an "activity tracker", that can monitoring speed, altitude and distance, while also capable of being paired with Polar’s chest-mounted heart rate monitor via Bluetooth, for a wealth of data gathering. Indeed, with its GPS functionality, cyclists  can record all of their ride data, such as speed, average speed, distance, altitude and more.

However, the M400’s features don’t stop there. The new device can be worn all day to monitor one’s activity levels around the clock. Therefore, when cyclists are not riding, the M400 can serve as an activity tracker, and provide alerts when they’ve been sedentary for too long and calories are not being burned.  

In addition, the M400 can be synced with Polar’s own Flow service, either directly through their website, or via the company’s app for Android and iOS smartphones, to help users sift through the data. 

The new watch is available in black or white, with a clear high resolution screen, and it’s water-resistant to 30 meters. 

Polar claims the M400 weighs a mere 56g or so, and is just 11.5mm thick. Furthermore, battery life is claimed to last about 8 hours with the GPS function on, and 24 hours with it off.

The M400 will first be available for the European market next month, in both the standard watch, as well as a heart rate sensor version too.

Press Release

Polar M400 brings together style, performance and comfort

Kempele, Finland – 25 September, 2014 – Polar, the leading pioneer of heart rate monitoring and wearable sports devices, announced today the release of its latest GPS product. The new Polar M400, which also has 24/7 activity tracking, is for people who lead an active life and spend a lot of time training outdoors. It is the perfect companion for urban and trail runners alike who are inspired by challenges and want to push their limits.

Polar M400 combines the best of GPS and 24/7 activity tracking with advanced sports technology using Bluetooth Smart.  Lightweight and compact in design, its clean and modern look adds to the style of any outfit, both during and outside of training sessions. Available in white and black, it suits men and women alike. M400 is fully water-resistant, and its high-contrast and high-resolution display is ideal for outdoor use in any weather condition.

Equipped with features that capture Polar’s cutting-edge know-how in Smart Coaching, M400 gives guidance throughout your training and shows the effect of your workout at the end of each session. It will also help you understand how all the active choices you make are good for your health. M400 also offers plenty of ways to monitor everyday activity: besides counting steps and burned calories, it gives alerts when it is time to get up and interrupt long periods of inactivity.

In addition to the advanced activity tracking capabilities, M400 packs a powerhouse of options for training and exploring in its sleek body. For example, M400 tracks pace, distance and altitude with the built-in GPS. The Back to Start feature directs you to your starting point in the shortest distance possible, allowing urban runners to try new routes or people who travel to run without fear of getting lost. M400 also keeps tabs on your personal bests and notifies you when you have broken your record. This helps you challenge yourself and stay motivated to keep training and racing. When heading out for a run or a ride, it also estimates your end time based on your speed or pace. Runners, in particular, will be happy with the Running Index feature, which calculates how their running performance is developing over time based on heart rate and speed.

All the training details can be easily synced between M400 and the Polar Flow web service and mobile app, where the completed and upcoming workouts can be viewed. With the Polar Flow service, planning and analyzing every detail of a training session is easy and helps users follow their progress and get a deeper insight into their performance. With this online training tool, they can have a closer look at what they have achieved and what lies ahead, set training targets and get guidance on how to reach them. They can also relive their routes and share them with their friends and contacts in the Flow community.

Polar M400 is available in selected countries from October for the recommended retail price of €159.90 or €199.90 for a version which includes a heart rate sensor.

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