- - Quarq Launches New Elsa RS Power Meter

Quarq Launches New Elsa RS Power Meter

Quarq has launched its newest version of the Elsa power meter, that’s design to work specifically with Shimano 11 speed groupsets called – the Elsa RS. 

The Elsa RS features a newly designed spider and meter that interfaces seamlessly with Shimano’s latest four-arm Hollowglide crankset chainring design, along with a new "active temperature compensation" feature and firmware upgrade. 

Specifically, the RS has a new multipoint map in its firmware that is individually calibrated for each unit to measure thermal response. According to Quarq, this has led to a vast improvement in the consistency of the measurements as each crankset is calibrated at the factory to eliminate temperature effects on the power measurement. Furthermore, the new  firmware upgrade enables the built-in accelerometers to measure cadence, without the need for an external magnet. 

In addition, the new RS retains its Exogram hollow carbon crank arms, making it one of the lightest cranksets of its kind on the market – with availability in both GXP and BB30 axle versions.

The RS is priced at $1,600 for the GXP version and $1,650 for the BB30.

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