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In the beginning of the 12th Century, first mentioned in 1444 and built as a headquarters of kurmainzischen management Castle Ardeck are the five rooms of the Rheinhessen bicycle museum. It is the first sports-related museum in Rheinhessen. The city Gau-Algesheim has thoroughly renovated with the support of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate, the castle and was with him that a piece of jewelry for the city and the region. Cycling and cycling have for over 100 years in Rheinhessen a good tradition.The 37 cycling clubs and departments maintain the artistic cycling, cycle ball and bicycle polo, round driving, road racing and the sport cycling driving. Popular is the people cycling, in which, with its plateaus, valleys and hills, can get to know its vineyards and charming towns and villages, the Rheinhessen country.

The museum on the history of the bicycle and cycling in Ardeck castle is divided into four sections: The first section documents with charts, pictures and exhibits the history of the bicycle: From the legendary walking machine of Baron von Drais, via the pedal-driven Michauline from the workshop of the Lorraine Bauer Pierre and Ernest Michaux bicycle (about 1861) to a penny-farthing from the year 1886. The bicycle as means of transport in everyday use, in leisure and vacation or cycling is dedicated to the second division.

The third section deals with the cycling. Sport bikes for road, rail and Hall characterize the image. In addition to ancient and modern racing bikes, art bikes and Radballrädern there is to see items such as sports jerseys, Radbälle, polo clubs, trophies and certificates. By bike in the art is concerned, the fourth section of the museum. It can be seen here artistically designed bicycle posters (including by Henri Toulouse-Lautrec and Alfons Mucha) as well as original bike designs by contemporary artists such as Ottmar Old, Oliver Scholl Berger, Friedel terminal.

The museum operates on a volunteer basis. A Friends of the support material equipment of the bicycle museum. Among the carriers of the museum include the city of Gau-Algesheim and the Rheinhessen Cycling Federation. The close proximity to the Gau-Algesheimer schools, the easy accessibility of the museum with bicycle and train suggest that, as well as interested parties are addressed in a special way school classes for which admission is free regional history and the history of cycling.

The museum’s educational and academic supervision is ensured through cooperation with neighboring museums and institutes of the University of Mainz.

The Rhine Hesse Bicycle Museum
Schloss Ardeck
Schlossgasse 12
55435 Gau-Algesheim
Tel. +49-6725-992143 
The town of Gau-Algesheim has its website (in English!) here:

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