- - Rotor Launches LT-R Power Crank

Rotor Launches LT-R Power Crank

A few months back, Rotor announced the details of a new right-sided power crank, that they were developing in collaboration with the Lampre-Merida team.  

According to Rotor, the premiss of switching from the left-side to the drive-side, was to better address protection of the battery compartment, and the ability  to more easily swap the power meter from bike to bike. This is particularly helpful, if teams are using multiple sets of Rotor 3D+ cranks, and wish to rule-out the need to remove axles. 

The Rotor LT-R is now available, with pricing expected to be around the same as it’s left-sided counterpart. 



Knowledge is POWER

POWER LT-R  is a lightweight, power measurement system that took its technical and design cues from ROTOR’s existing POWER LT cranks but instead of measuring power metrics in the left crank arm, POWER LT-R records data from the right side. POWER LT-R was created in response to customer demand for a power meter that measures data on the drive side. POWER LT-R was the result of a collaboration with UCI Pro Team Lampre-Merida, which compelled ROTOR to come up with a simple, lightweight power training system that could withstand the rigors of punishing use by the best professional riders.

Pedal smart

When you’re competing at your maximum capacity, just trying to pedal harder isn’t going to get you ahead. True champions have to train and pedal smart.

POWER LT-R is based on our race-proven 3D+ crank. This makes it one of the lightest power measurement systems on the market.


No more false readings

It offers unsurpassed accuracy due to its exceptional 500hz data sampling rate and the placement of strain gauges in the heart of the left crank arm. This design frees POWER LT-R from the false readings many other systems struggle with (from asymmetrical deformation, lateral loading, road conditions and even shifting), accurately measuring all three axes of deformation to give extremely clean and reliable data.

Balanced measurement
  • Torque effectiveness (sum of clockwise pedaling power minus anti-clockwise drag).
  • Pedal smoothness (maximum torque vs. average torque).

Fast and easy
  • Fast and easy, tool-free battery replacement.

  • Its UBB30 axle allows installation on almost any bike frame, irrespective of BB type.

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